The Premium Boutique Wine Experience

  • Yileena Park is a small boutique winery nestled at the foot of the Christmas Hills,
    just out of Yarra Glen.

    Owners Bob and Dianne Curtis share a passion for their winery, the wines they produce and the amazing smoked goods they've recently introduced.


    We invite you to visit Victoria's most unique Cellar Door. Enjoy a unique tasting experience with a backdrop of spectacular views


    Enjoy the spectacular views to be enjoyed of the Yarra Valley from the deck - looking towards Healesville.

    Welcome !


    We love great wine and food to match. We're indulgent, we love to share the good things in life.


    We can host from 2 to 102 people.

    Car Clubs, special events, off-site & board meetings, lunches and wine and sampling all our forte.


    Bob and Dianne Curtis welcome you to their corner of the Yarra Valley and are your hosts at the bar for tastings and local knowledge.


    Enjoy our exclusive smoked tasting plate, consisting of various oak-smoked cheeses and condiments and gourmet smoked hams.




    One of our favourite stops in the Yarra. Dianne was so hospitable and spent a lot of time sharing the history of the property with us. The wines are good however it’s the smoked products that are just amazing, especially when paired with the wines. Also great to meet the very cute Poppy and Freckles. Will be back.

    delightful and delicious


    Wonderful, surprising tasting including aged wines, smoked cheeses and nuts as well as warm personal attention from the owners. Bob sat with us for nearly an hour and we peppered him with questions and learned so much. We were so impressed by the generosity of the owners which led to a thoroughly delightful (and delicious!!) experience.
    We will be back!

    It is perfection.​


    We absolute love the smoked products tasting platter, all items taste delicious especially the smoked nuts and blue cheese.

    We had an awesome afternoon sitting at the balcony enjoying the view while drinking nice wine and sampling the platter.

    delightful and delicious


    Great hospitable owners along with fantastic wines and a tasting platter.

    Not a single wine we didn't enjoy, complimented by the views and some very cool donkeys.

    Can't wait to revisit with friends down the line.

    Absolutely perfect! ​


    Yileena Park was the first of four stops on our winery tour and it was absolutely perfect! Very accommodating of our big group (11). Bob sat with us on the balcony and took us through 6 wine tastings.
    Bob is quite the character. Beautiful wines and the most incredible blue cheese/ aged topaque match.
    Highly recommend!

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